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Can I take my cake on a plane, train, cruise ship across borders?

Yes, our cakes have a shelf life of 6 months in their vacuum-sealed bags which makes them perfect for transport!


How long does the cake last?

They’re good to the last bite! 😉 But, actually for 6 months in their vacuum-sealed bags at ambient room temperature. 


Can kids eat a rum cake?

Yes. 99.5% of the rum in our cakes is cooked off in the baking and boiling process. Although not all kids love the rum flavour in the cake, they can certainly share a piece for dessert with the family.


After I open my rum cake how long will it last?

Once the seal on the vacuum-sealed bag is broken the cake is considered open for consumption. At this point treat it as you would any normal cake. Sitting on the counter optimal freshness would be 3 – 4 days, or you could keep it for up to a week in the fridge.


I’m pregnant, can I eat a rum cake?

Yes. Our cakes have less than 1% alcohol content. The alcohol is baked and boiled off in our production process so they are safe to eat if you’re pregnant.


Is your chocolate gluten-free?

No. Our chocolate is produced in the same facility as our rum cakes which contain gluten. Although, chocolate itself does not contain gluten we are not able to guarantee that our chocolate is gluten-free.


Is your chocolate dairy free/vegan friendly?

Our chocolate is made with soy in place of dairy products therefore it is vegan friendly. However, all of our chocolate is produced in the same facility as our milk and white chocolates as well as rum cakes which all contain dairy product so our dark chocolate is not dairy-free.

Our dark chocolate products are the only chocolates that are vegan friendly. Look for VF next to the product listing to ensure it is vegan friendly.


Does your chocolate contain soy?

Yes. All of our chocolate products contain soy.


How long does the chocolate last? 

Our chocolate is all shelf-stable for one year after production. Each package has a "best before" date listed on the bottom right corner on the back of the bags.

Do you take wholesale and/or corporate orders?

Yes, we do. If you are interested in placing a wholesale or corporate order please contact us.


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What is a rum cake?

A rum cake is similar to a pound cake or coffee style cake. The difference is when rum cakes come out of the oven, they're soaked in a rum-based simple syrup to add extra moisture and rich rum flavour. They are a traditional cake that has been around for many years in different cultures. In Nova Scotia, they're an all-occasion cake that many remember their grandmother's making.

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